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Goblin (Glovez Feat Lil' Wayne)

Check out my latest video Goblin.  I was pretty happy with the creative process in how this video was created.  I promise you will laugh your ass off with the video and rock out to the song!

#CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1 Contest Is Spotted On

This week I have added the #CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1 Contest banner on rotating web banner   section.  Shoutout to @SteezyDesigns for the #CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1 Contest banner design!


#TeamFightaz - What is #TeamFightaz


What is #TeamFightaz? This is the question I hear a lot lately.  #TeamFightaz is not only the twitter team that supports my music and movement but are also go getters that have to fight for everything they have. 

When you support #TeamFightaz,  you are saying you have never been given anything in life and everything you got or received is because you busted your ass fighting tooth and nail to get you where you are now, or where you are going in the future.  #TeamFightaz is not lazy asses who get everything on a silver platter, #TeamFightaz are the people that come from the bottom and move all the way to the top!  Whether you are in school busting your ass to get good grades, or striving to be the best sports player within your team then you are #TeamFightaz.  Or maybe you just have a 9-5 and you work at Mickey D’s but you want to be the best hamburger flipper so 1 day you can become manger, then your #TeamFightaz.  As long as you are fighting to hold or move up in your position you are #TeamFightaz.  Know that life is a rollercoaster, it has its ups and downs.  But if you can make it out when your going down without asking for a hand out then you are definitely represent #TeamFightaz, because at the end of the day #TeamFightaz will rise to the TOP!

#CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1 Contest -- Win Diddy Beats and an iPod Touch

With my first official mixtape dropping soon, I am hosting a contest in which I will be giving away DiddyBeats, iTouch and an official signed hard copy of Corporate Grind You're Fired Vol. 1.  SO STOP WHAT YOUR DOING AND ENTER IN THIS CONTEST NOW!!

#CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1 Contest

2011 Intergalactic (Glovez) [Freestyle] Video

Check out my latest new video 2011 Intergalactic.  This is a freestyle I did using the original Intergalactic beat from the Beasties Boys.  This was always my favorite Beasties Boys track ever, so it was only right I had to jump on this track.  This video will blow you away with the cool affects and having you laughing as I did a little parody of the original Intergalactic video, tell me what you think, and leave a comment on the video.  Don't forget Corporate Grind - You're Fired Vol. 1 is Dropping Sepember 24, 2011 on &!

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