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I'm The King (Glovez) Music Video

Check out my new music video I'm The King off #CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1

#CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1 Mixtape Review

This being my first mixtape ever, Coast 2 Coast Mag gave me 3 out of 4 stars for #CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1!  Shout out to everyone that supported, I promise #CorporateGrindYourFiredVol2 will be 4 stars!

CorporateGrindYourFiredVol1 Mixtape Review




Mixx Magazine: October/ November 2011 Feature

Check out the Mixx Magazine and my latest interview with them!





Corporate Grind You're Fired Vol. 1 Contest Winners!


Congrats to the 10 runner ups in the Corporate Grind You're Fired Vol. 1 Contest @mkjmc, @Sound_of_Awesom, @Marvin_Lessley, @HeFFDz, @Mattswrite, @DjYusei, @getatkano, @HenryGalvez1, @mr2Quick901, @sohahalol Also, HUGE congrats to @MCJunkie for being the grand prize winner!

Prizes should arrive 4-6 weeks!  We will DM you the tracking number on Twitter! Promo Video

My promo video I did for for a cool website, Come check out the hottest hip-hop video site on the web!

BTW:, thanks for always supporting my music!

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